Monthly Archive for October, 2008

October 2008 [Summary of Activites]

The following is a brief summary of the Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movements (LCRM) project’s activities from September 24th to October 28th. The LCRM team was pleased to relaunch the LCRM website. The new site will allow users to comment on project news and updates, get the latest information on the LCRM conference hosted by the Southern Oral History Program (SOHP), and generally become more involved in the project. The project partners at the Southern Oral History Program continue to plan for their conference, “The Long Civil Rights Movement: Histories, Politics, Memories,” which is in April 2009. The partners at the Center for Civil Rights also continue to plan for their April 2009 conference, “Looking to the Future: Racially Integrated Education in the South and the Nation.” For more information on both conferences, please visit the Conference page of our website. Additionally, partners from UNC Press and SOHP have recently traveled to a number of scholarly conferences. At these conferences, the partners had an opportunity to speak with scholars about the LCRM project in order to build interest in the project and receive feedback on our activities to date. All partners in the LCRM project also continue to work on inventorying their holdings for LCRM-related content. In a related task, the staff at UNC Press has continued to develop guidelines for digitization of LCRM-related books in UNC Press’s backlist and for an XML workflow to digitize forthcoming UNC Press titles.

In the upcoming month, the LCRM project team plans to continue enriching our project website, planning for the upcoming conferences in April 2009, and working toward completing the inventory of the project partners’ holdings. Additionally, we hope to refine and prioritize our plans for possible publishing outcomes of the LCRM project via our new online survey and focus group meetings with professors and librarians.

September 2008. [Summary of Activities]

The following is a brief summary of the Publishing the Long Civil Rights Movement (LCRM) project’s activities from July 19th to September 23rd. At the Center for Civil Rights, planning for their April Conference, “Looking to the Future: Legal and Policy Options for Racially Integrated Education in the South,” is continuing. At the Southern Oral History Program (SOHP), the staff has completed the first phase of inventorying their collection of oral histories for content related to the LCRM project. Additionally, the staff of the SOHP has devoted much of its time to planning their April Conference, “The Long Civil Rights Movement: Histories, Politics, Memories.” At the UNC Libraries, the staff has continued to work toward the development of a method to inventory the Library’s holdings for LCRM related content. Additionally, the library staff has enabled development of a new project website. At UNC Press, the staff has completed the first phase of inventorying the Press’s backlist of titles for LCRM-related content and begun developing guidelines for the conversion of the books into XML. The UNC Press staff has also begun to discuss with current and potential authors the idea of participating in pilot projects of the multi-format publishing that the LCRM team envisions coming out of the LCRM project.

Together the entire LCRM staff has continued researching software tools that may assist us in the project, including content management systems, conference planning software, and web development tools. We are casting a wide net in our research, considering open-source software, proprietary software, and hosted solutions. The partners contributed ideas to a schematic drawing, which we discussed at our monthly working-group meeting on September 23rd; it represents our collective thinking to date. It shows several recognizable publishing “outcomes,” such as journals, monographs, reference works, course packs, conferences, websites, and a searchable resource of LCRM-related archival content. It also shows an online community and publishing environment.

Our next steps are to replace our current website with the new one we have been developing, continue inventorying the partners’ LCRM holdings, and plan focus group meetings with scholars in order to focus and refine our ideas.

Call for Papers: The Long Civil Rights Movement Graduate Student Session

Call for Papers

The Southern Oral History Program (SOHP), in partnership with UNC Press, will host “The Long Civil Rights Movement: Histories, Politics, Memories,” a major, interdisciplinary conference, from April 2-4, 2009. The conference will challenge the traditional understanding of the civil rights movement as a 1960s phenomenon, stretching its timeline to include the movement’s origins and the activism it inspired through the end of the twentieth century. This approach expands the regional focus of the civil rights movement beyond the South, stressing the region’s convergences with other parts of the U.S., and around the globe. It also incorporates study not just of the struggles for social justice, but also of the forces arrayed against them.

The conference will open with presentations by three UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students working on research projects related to some aspect of the long civil rights movement. At an informal dinner, students will present brief, provocative talks that address the questions they are asking in their research projects and how they are going about answering them. Visiting scholars who will be asked to provide ideas and feedback.

Submit your proposals, no longer than 250 words, your c.v., and this cover sheet, to Proposals are due by January 9, 2009. Applicants will be notified by February 13, 2009.